Some of the Best Diving Spots in Cuba

The Best Diving Spots in Cuba

Cuba is a world renown area for snorkeling and diving.  Here are a few of Cuba’s best spots to dive:

Jardines de la Reina

This spot has established a reputation as one of the best dive and fishing spots in the world.  This an extremely isolated place with a ton of environmental protection – which has allowed the marine park to thrive with a plethora of fish, sharks, stingray, and tortoise.  The reef sharks that live in this ecosystem are especially beautiful and attracts many shark junkies.  The water here is highly visible and there is little current.  Pack of sharks can be safely viewed in this setting as dive leaders will hide dead fish in the reef.

Isla de la Juventud

This area offers the most dive site in Cuba with over 50 dive areas.  This island of youth is a natural paradise that offers divers giant coral, caverns, walls, tunnels and a huge selection of fish to view.  One of the most popular caves here is “The Cueva Azul, or the Blue Cave, which divers enter through a tunnel that has three exits.  Divers can swim next to an assortment of beautiful sponges, coral, and schools of silver glassfish.  We recommend staying at the nearby Colony Hotel, a local dive hotel.

Maria La Gorda

This location has some of the most varied diving sites in Cuba.  The aesthetic here is beautiful and is a common honeymoon locale.  Everything here is covered in lush and exotic color and every dusk onlookers are witnesses to incredible sunsets that bounce off the perfectly white sandy beaches.  The dive here is very special, starting with the descent down the vertical Yemaya wall and ending in an mysterious cave covered in black coral.

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